Rapid fire insulation of electric vehicles

The extremely important development of electric cars is proving to be a new challenge for the players in the automotive market and for towing services.

Indeed, an electric car in an accident represents an increased risk. A damaged battery can spontaneously burn for several days. Special precautions are therefore necessary. This is why we have developed the VLITEX Car Service Kit. In this kit, consisting of a top and bottom blanket, an accident vehicle is safely packed. If the battery catches fire, the transport vehicle or the area around the warehouse is protected.

By preventing the spread of fire, we protect people and the environment quickly and safely. VLITEX fire blankets open a new approach to firefighting.

In the case of a conventional fire, the fire blanket is placed over the source of the fire and interrupts the oxygen supply. The fire is extinguished in record time. Our VLITEX fire blankets have also been developed for fires in electric vehicles, which generate extreme heat and are impossible to extinguish because they do not require oxygen.

The fire blankets are maintenance free and can be used several times.

Our products for the automobile sector

Fire Blankets

Certified and developed by VLITEX, Premium M blankets are developed for use on lithium-ion battery fires. Reusable and maintenance free, our blankets are available in various sizes and with pull handles.

Car Service Kit

The Car Service Kit is the safe solution for towing and storing vehicles. Easy and intuitive to use, the kit has been tested in collaboration with ADAC during a fire involving an electric vehicle with thermal runaway.


The first automatic fire protection system for electric cars. In car parks or enclosed buildings, special protective measures must be taken to minimise damage to structures in the case of fire and to protect the environment from very high temperatures and toxic smoke.

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