Automatic fire protection for car parking areas

The world’s first automatic fire prevention and protection system for your electromobility.

In car parks or enclosed buildings, special protective measures must be taken to minimise damage to structures in the case of fire and to protect the environment from the enormous heat and toxic smoke. Electric vehicle fires are rare, but if a fire does occur, it is impossible to extinguish.

Ecell-Guard can detect heat or smoke, trigger the alarm, activate the protection system and alert the fire brigade. All this is done automatically, without human intervention and in a few seconds.

The protection of people, buildings and the environment are a top priority in the case of fire. Now, there is no widespread and efficient extinguishing concept for electric vehicle fires.

Toxic smoke and heat endanger human life. In addition, the smoke contaminates the entire environment, makes firefighting more difficult and increases the costs of cleaning up the area. Fire insulation is particularly important for fire protection concepts in closed car parks, communal and private buildings, quarantine areas and private car parks.

Firefighting with thermal cars, which is still common today, requires large quantities of water and, if necessary, other additives to make fire-fighting possible. In the event of a fire involving an electric car and its lithium-ion batteries, the water is heavily contaminated and must be treated.

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