Cases and bags

Battery protection and storage

A battery fire can have disastrous consequences. The VLITEX e-bike battery bag is tested with batteries up to 400 Wh and prevents damage in case of fire.

Simply charge the battery in the bag, store it or even transport it. If the battery catches fire, the fire cannot spread and the environment is protected.

Battery protection and storage

Transport of drone or light equipment

Thanks to its compartments and small size, you can easily transport all your battery-operated electrical products in the L box.

This box is particularly suitable for transporting a drone and its batteries.

Transport your VLITEX blanket easily

The fire blanket is stored in the VLITEX transport bag. The blanket is folded in its bag and protected from air and water. The fire blanket can be carried comfortably on the back in case of an emergency.

The VLITEX transport bag is practically air and water impermeable and extremely practical to use (IPX6) and is made of the waterproof material PVC Tarpaulin 500d.


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