Fire brigades

Controlling electric car fires with fire blankets

If an electric car is involved in an accident, there is always a risk that the battery will be damaged and that a fire will break out. In case of a short circuit, but also in case of heat input, an exothermic reaction called thermal runaway can be triggered.

If a fire breaks out in a conventional vehicle, the VLITEX protective blanket can be used to smother the fire by interrupting the oxygen supply.

In the case of an electric vehicle fire, thermal runaway does not require oxygen supply. VLITEX solutions insulate the fire, slow down its spread, reduce the temperatures reached and the smoke released. Our goal is to reduce the danger of an electric vehicle fire to people and the environment.

With a genuine commitment to firefighters, VLITEX solutions offer an environmentally and resource friendly alternative for firefighting.

Our products for firefighters

Fire Blankets

Certified and developed by VLITEX, Premium M blankets are developed for use on lithium-ion battery fires. Reusable and maintenance free, our blankets are available in various sizes and with pull handles.

SprayJet HV

The SprayJet HV is an innovative low pressure water spray system. With very low water consumption, it cools the fire and smothers the flames through efficient oxygen displacement.

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