Car Service Kit

The safe and efficient solution for towing electric cars

We have developed this fire cover kit especially for towing companies and garages. A simple and cost-effective way to ensure safety during the transport and storage of damaged electric cars. A possibly damaged battery presents a high risk for several days because it can still catch fire.

When an electric car is involved in an accident, the towing services face particular challenges. Indeed, if the cells are deformed, this can lead to an internal short circuit and a battery fire.

Is the battery damaged? This is not always visible from the outside. To prevent a possible fire, the vehicle is safely packed in the VLITEX fire blanket kit.

The kit consists of a protective veil, two blankets (top and bottom) and transport bags. It offers multiple protection: leaking liquids are contained and in case of a recurrence of the fire, the environment is not affected and the smoke development is considerably reduced.

Car Service Kit

Vidéo : installing the Car Service Kit on a tow truck

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