Fire blankets

Fire blankets for vehicles and industry

VLITEX PREMIUM reusable fire blankets are available in various sizes. The principle is the same for all of them: In the case of a so-called conventional fire, the fire is smothered immediately after the VLITEX fire blanket has been placed on it.

In the case of a lithium-ion battery fire, the battery burns in a controlled manner under the fire blanket, without endangering the surrounding objects and with a significantly lower ambient temperature and smoke development.

Firefighters extinguish fires in vehicles and industrial machinery every day. They usually use foam, powder or water. It is practically impossible to prevent toxic substances from entering the air or groundwater.

VLITEX takes a new approach. Certified for use up to a peak temperature of 1,300°C, the fire blankets are flame retardant. They immediately reduce smoke formation and retain flames and heat. Toxic fumes remain under the blanket.

Fire blankets for cars

Fire blankets for E-Bike

Fire blankets for industry

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