Multiple applications for fire protection

Lithium-ion batteries are used in many areas of our daily lives. Battery-operated devices play a role in the private environment as well as in industry and commerce.

Whether it is a forklift truck, a cleaning machine or an industrial machine, lithium-ion batteries are indispensable today and have become a must-have. The more powerful a device is, the greater the potential danger posed by its battery.

It is often forgotten that batteries present a risk. Batteries can catch fire due to damage, thermal influences such as high heat, or technical errors, for example during charging.

Developed for the industry and logistics, our protective covers and blankets ensure both: the prevention of storage, transport of hazardous materials and batteries as well as the protection of people and infrastructure during a fire. 

The battery burns out under the cover, a process that can last several hours. There is much less smoke. The blanket prevents the flames, heat and even flying debris, protecting the environment.

Our silicone coated fiberglass technology can limit a fire. By interrupting the oxygen supply, a conventional fire is extinguished.

Our products for the industrial sector

Fire Blankets

Certified and developed by VLITEX, Premium M blankets are developed for use on lithium-ion battery fires. Reusable and maintenance free, our blankets are available in various sizes and with pull handles.

Protective covers & fire blankets

Specially developed for the industrial sector, VLITEX protective covers are dedicated to the protection of dangerous materials, transport and storage of lithium-ion batteries


Automatic fire prevention system for storage area.

Video : Use of the fire blanket on an electrical fire

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